Lessons from 2016 Black Friday

Each year, shoppers are presented with new Black Friday deals and experience, and 2016 was not exceptional. During last year’s Black Friday, there was a record of high spending in comparison to the previous years. For example, in estimation, Britons used £5.8 billion more than last year. Over half of this amount came from online retailers.

In general, many things came up during last year’s Black Friday sales. Here are some of the lessons.

·        The majority of the stores have gone online

According to last year’s Black Friday sales, it was evident that the majority of the sales, about £1.2 billion came from online retailers. This is an indication that the digital world has a significant role to play in sales. It was reported that the Payment Service Worldplay recorded an increase of about 20% in online transactions in 2016 in comparison to 2015. Also, there was a significant increase in the amount of online expenditure in the week that followed the Black Friday of 2016.

·        Mobile transactions are increasing

The increase in the number of mobile users proved to be useful for 2016 Black Friday. According to the records, it was evident that the majority of Black Friday sales were done through mobile devices. In estimate, about 64 percent of the purchases were done through mobile devices. This was a significant increase from the 48 percent quota recorded in 2015.

·        Black Friday can be more than one-day event

There is a high possibility that the Black Friday shopping season can extend past the normal day’s event. For example, in 2016, shoppers were exposed to early Black Friday deals. Stores such as Amazon opened their special offers two weeks before Black Friday.

Trends show that there is a high possibility that future years would see an extended shopping spree. This is attributed to the fact that many people are often busy trying to gain more information on different products’ deals and prices. Additionally, there have been trends whereby stores have opened their offers even to the weeks towards Christmas.

·       Case of night-owl shoppers

In 2016, the majority of the people shopped in the middle of the night. This was attributed to the need to avoid long queues when shopping from shops. The number of pre-6am traffic increased by 46 percent in 2016 in comparison to the case in 2015. Also, some stores traded heavily during the midnight hours such as Argo which recorded traffic of about 8,000 per minute.

Evidently, considering the events of the 2016 Black Friday, a lot is expected this year, in terms of sales volume, traffic, and the number of crazy Black Friday deals.



Black Friday Shopping Guide

Shopping on Black Friday can be a daunting task especially for first-timers. This is attributable to the fact that there are so many deals to choose from such that one cannot be sure what to leave and what to buy. In addition, most people are not aware of when, where, as well as what to buy during this season. In this article, we provide a reliable shopping guide that you can use during this coming Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

1)   Have a budget

Black Friday deals are very tempting. This shopping season provides shoppers with a range of deals that includes different products for home and personal use. If you’re not careful, it can be easy to be carried away with the hype that comes with it. Often, the majority of the people tend to buy things that they do not need just because they are offered at fair prices.

As such, you need to a have a budget for your Black Friday shopping to limit you from overspending in Black Friday sales. Make a list of the products that you need and ensure that you abide by your budget. Do not be tempted to buy a heavily discounted product that is not in your budget.

2)  Carry a research

Before the day comes, take some time to research on the products that you want to buy. This research can include looking around for the best prices, as well as establishing some of the stores offering Black Friday coupons and discounts for your selected goods. Moreover, you need to have a rough estimate of the amount that you are willing to spend on a given product.

3)   Establish the best payment method

Having an appropriate payment system is one of the factors that make an online store secure. Try as much as possible to avoid stores that do not allow credit card payment. Paying for your goods using credit card offers you security guarantee over faulty and fake products. You can ask for a refund should you get cheap goods.

4)   Look out for long-term Black Friday deals

There are cases when some stores combine black Friday deals with Christmas gifts and special offers. Such offers can significantly minimize your expenditure. As such, be on the lookout for loyalty bonuses, and vouchers to can add on to your shopping savings.

You need to be careful when shopping during Black Friday to ensure maximum savings, and also get the best offers on the available products.

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Online vs. offline Black Friday Shopping

When you mention Black Friday shopping, the majority of the young people think about online shopping, while quite a large number of other shoppers will form a picture of physical and offline shopping. Regardless of which approach you use, the ultimate goal is ensuring that you close in as much Black Friday deals as possible. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of what to expect in either of these shopping approaches.

Here is a brief comparison of online and offline Black Friday shopping experience.

Advantages of offline Black Friday shopping

Arguably, shopping offline during the Black Friday gives you a better shopping experience.  This is only the case of the individuals who love the joy and excitement that comes with having to move from one physical store to the other shopping.  The benefit of such an experience is that you get what fits you in terms of clothing, while at the same time testing all other products before you buy them.

Offline shopping gives you the room to enjoy in-store only Black Friday deals. There are some cases of discounts and offers that are only available to in-store buyers and only can be given to people who buy from the store only.

Doorbusters are a major reason to engage in offline Black Friday shopping experience.  Be on the lookout for the time for the start of various doorbusters for different stores.

Advantages of online Black Friday shopping

With advancement in technology, shopping has become easy. This is attributed to the fact that there are numerous online stores that you can order goods from the comfort of your house. Below are some of the advantages of participating in Black Friday online shopping.

  • You get a chance to select products from a wide selection of stock as opposed to physical stores where the amount of inventory is limited to the floor space.
  • Secondly, you can compare products from one store and another easily. If some of the Black Friday deals offered by one store are not as pleasing, you can close that site and look for another better option within seconds.
  • Thirdly, online shopping is more convenient in terms of time and resources too. You do not have to move from one store to the other. All that you do is shift from one site to the other at the comfort of your office or home.
  • Additionally, when you shop online, you enjoy the privilege of having your goods delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost. This ensures that you can engage in other activities while awaiting the delivery of your goods.

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