Lessons from 2016 Black Friday

Each year, shoppers are presented with new Black Friday deals and experience, and 2016 was not exceptional. During last year’s Black Friday, there was a record of high spending in comparison to the previous years. For example, in estimation, Britons used £5.8 billion more than last year. Over half of this amount came from online retailers.

In general, many things came up during last year’s Black Friday sales. Here are some of the lessons.

·        The majority of the stores have gone online

According to last year’s Black Friday sales, it was evident that the majority of the sales, about £1.2 billion came from online retailers. This is an indication that the digital world has a significant role to play in sales. It was reported that the Payment Service Worldplay recorded an increase of about 20% in online transactions in 2016 in comparison to 2015. Also, there was a significant increase in the amount of online expenditure in the week that followed the Black Friday of 2016.

·        Mobile transactions are increasing

The increase in the number of mobile users proved to be useful for 2016 Black Friday. According to the records, it was evident that the majority of Black Friday sales were done through mobile devices. In estimate, about 64 percent of the purchases were done through mobile devices. This was a significant increase from the 48 percent quota recorded in 2015.

·        Black Friday can be more than one-day event

There is a high possibility that the Black Friday shopping season can extend past the normal day’s event. For example, in 2016, shoppers were exposed to early Black Friday deals. Stores such as Amazon opened their special offers two weeks before Black Friday.

Trends show that there is a high possibility that future years would see an extended shopping spree. This is attributed to the fact that many people are often busy trying to gain more information on different products’ deals and prices. Additionally, there have been trends whereby stores have opened their offers even to the weeks towards Christmas.

·       Case of night-owl shoppers

In 2016, the majority of the people shopped in the middle of the night. This was attributed to the need to avoid long queues when shopping from shops. The number of pre-6am traffic increased by 46 percent in 2016 in comparison to the case in 2015. Also, some stores traded heavily during the midnight hours such as Argo which recorded traffic of about 8,000 per minute.

Evidently, considering the events of the 2016 Black Friday, a lot is expected this year, in terms of sales volume, traffic, and the number of crazy Black Friday deals.